Elementary School Lunch: 11/22 - not so pretty

Food, JapanKristina PinoComment

I know I'm late with this one. This is partially because my picture isn't very good! Friday we had an odd schedule because of an afternoon event, so my food was prepared a full half hour before I actually got to eat it, and someone wrapped it up for me so it wouldn't get too cold.

Our main dish was a piece of fish (mackerel) served with yaakon, which is similar to burdock root. That was a new one for this year, and it was tossed with green peppers and some carrots - delicious. The soup was one of our familiar miso soups with plenty of veggies and some meat. No dessert this time, just the rice. Altogether a good meal to end the week, though I really wish I'd been able to eat it while it had still been hot, hehe.

Calorie count: 684