Elementary School Lunch: 11/21 - college potatoes

Food, JapanKristina Pino3 Comments

Today we had a heaping plate of daigakuimo, which roughly translates to college potatoes, and are a sort of sweet potato. They look like they're baked or something at a glance, but I learned that they were actually cooked on the stove top with a bit of soy sauce, water, and sugar, and they sat on the heat until they candied up (caramelized). They were topped with some sesame and had this great brown sugar taste to them when it was lunch time.

This plate of potatoes accompanied kayaku udon, which had minced meat (both pork and beef), carrot, onion, shiitake mushroom, bread, and other veggies. As an added bonus, we had a little orange for dessert.

Altogether a great meal, and honestly I could go for those potatoes again and again.

Calorie count: 684