Elementary School Lunch: 11/18 - apple bread

Food, JapanKristina PinoComment

Once again, it's Monday, and who says Mondays can't be awesome? I had a good day, work-wise, and I had a great lunch to go with it.

Today's main dish was "cream stew," which was basically a creamy veggie and pork stew. It had bits of minced meat, potato, carrot, onion, and mushrooms. The green side was seaweed salad, which had cabbage, carrots, and cucumber mixed in and was tossed with the same sort of onion and garlic Japanese dressing as last time.

Our other side was apple bread, which tasted like typical milk bread, plus apples, and on top of that, chunks of actual apples baked into it. This bread went fantastically well with the soup. And for dessert, we had a little cup of fruit jelly, which was pretty much the best ending to our meal.

I really wanted seconds, but I was too full after having just my own serving, which looked a bit like the image above, except with less cream and milk. Lucky for me, there was an extra bag of apple bread because of an absent person, and I was lucky enough to claim it. I'll probably enjoy it with dinner tomorrow.

Calorie count: 615