Elementary School Lunch: 11/15 - some radish for your steak?

Food, JapanKristina PinoComment

This week's lunches ended on a high note with a hamburg steak with soup, salad, and rice.

Our hamburg had some soy sauce and radish for flavor, which is always pretty tasty. My principal said he likes that kind of seasoning for regular steaks, too. He was explaining that there are many Western foods he enjoys when they're prepared the Japanese way. I've never even thought about it, but Japan does really have a way of "Japanifying" Western foods, haha.

The salad was crunchy and had Japanese-style dressing with onions and garlic as key ingredients besides soy sauce. The only thing that seems to make a dressing Japanese-style is using soy sauce, I'm gathering.

Our soup mainly had tofu and seaweed, but also other veggies, some pieces of bread, and a little bit of miso. Also, yes, my picture is upside-down because I've now gotten slightly obsessive about making sure the soup is to the right and the rice to the left.

Calorie count: 682