Elementary School Lunch: 11/14 - what is Italian soup, anyway?

Food, JapanKristina PinoComment

Today we enjoyed an odd mix of things that was way more filling than it looked. I was originally slightly dismayed by the small portion of potatoes my co-worker served me, but by the time I cleared my tray, I didn't have any room left to get seconds.

Today's main plate had some fried fish with basic boiled potatoes, which were probably cooked with a little bit of salt. The fish today was horse mackerel, which I quite enjoy so I didn't skip on that one. On the side, we had an Italian soup. I have no idea why it's called that, but anyway, it had our usual veggies in there mixed with some spaghetti noodles and bacon. I guess the pasta made it Italian?

Finally, our extra carb was some komepan (rice bread) and we had some plain, calcium-infused yogurt for dessert. It only had 68mg of it, but nonetheless. I always skip on the milk, so it'll only do me good.

As I said before, it was kind of a weird meal, but everything was tasty, individually. A bit carb-heavy, but perhaps with this cold weather we need more energy to keep warm.

Calorie count: 664