Elementary School Lunch: 11/01 - Bonito chunks

Food, JapanKristina PinoComment

It's the beginning of another month..! It's also the start of a three-day weekend, so I won't be posting about a lunch on Monday. As if to make up for it, Tuesday is curry day! So... look forward to it! This month, all our lunches are (calorically) in the 600s again... even the Cuban lunch we'll enjoy closer to December. Oh yes, we're having a Cuban lunch day. I'm so excited.

Today's tray featured Bonito chunks seasoned in sesame seeds and miso, accompanied by rice, a soup, and salad. The soup this time was called Kenchin Soup, which had burdock root, mushrooms, onions, tofu, daikon radish, and other goodies. The salad was nothing fancy - regular cabbage, carrots, and other greens seasoned by our kitchen staff.

Calorie count: 653