Paper Mario: Sticker Star - crumpled and dog-eared

GamesKristina Pino1 Comment
I'm playing Paper Mario: Sticker Star on my 3DS right now. I was pretty excited to buy it and the art style looked cute and all, but now that I'm playing it I'm wishing I'd read more reviews to prevent my current woes.

Using stickers and tape to modify the environment is a nice idea, but the battle system is sorely lacking. It's simple enough: turn-based, with an opportunity to strike up to three times (which expends up to three stickers from your inventory). The bigger problem I have with it is you gain nothing from fighting monsters except the occasional coins. All the fights do is waste your stickers and lower your health bar. I wish this game took more to the style of Kirby's Epic Yarn, where encounters with monsters remained in the world (and aren't moved to a battle arena). Just make it so we could use stickers in the environment, and boom. Problem solved.

Besides that, I feel like some of the puzzles aren't as intuitive as they should be, and I also don't like that you have to run through some levels several times to pick up one-time-use items instead of just moving from world to world until you finish the game. Oh, and then the in-game guide you have floating around and helping you play? That jerk scolds me when I beat monsters without using the approved/preferred strategy. Nice.

Can't wait to be done with this game and move on to something else.