Friday Things: 10/26 - Saturday morning Jim Cummings, milky pinups, and Earthsick jellyfish

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[Whoops, looks like I completely missed last week's link dump! I wasn't feeling too productive after my trip to Disney, alas. I had a blast, by the way~

This week we had a near-tyhpoon to deal with, but it totally missed us in the end. There was also a pretty solid quake off the coast this morning, about a 6.8, and nothing serious. What was weird about it was how it lasted a long time. Earthquakes are usually just momentary rumbles, but this one went on and on and on. Very strange! But we're all good, here.

My intro is a little bit long today, and I've got plenty of links to share since I missed this last week, so you'll have to click the jump if you're viewing from the front page. If not, then look right below!]

Literary links:

Awesome literary tees for the book geek.

DarkHorse is selling Game of Thrones lunchboxes! (GoT | Iron Throne)

New web series: Geek's Guide to Dating. Very cute.

I reviewed an awesome comic published by Perfect Square (a VIZ Media imprint) titled Hello Kitty: Here We Go! It's the first in a new series of Hello Kitty comics, and the second one, Hello Kitty: Delicious! is already announced and dated.



On YouTube: 

Cool cover of Jai Ho by Peter Hollens and Alaa Wardi.

Some sweet make-up tutorials, including a bunch of Disney characters.

Mickey Mouse can talk to guests now - so cool. 

Jim Cummings delights with his voice work as Pooh Bear while reading some of Darth Vader's lines from Star Wars. Darkwing Duck makes a cameo.

I vlogged! I'm not sure how regular they'll be, but I'd like to try to at least post something on my YouTube channel once a week, so whenever I don't have a review or some concentrated topic, I'll just chat about what I'm doing or what might be happening in Japan at the time. The first vlog was a bit about the last typhoon, my hair cut, and other things. This week's vlog is about eReaders



On Photography:

Very cool photography: "Milky Pinups." Way more effective ways to get some people to drink milk than the Got Milk? mustache shots, I think.

Last week's update on my photo blog was Japan's cherry blossoms. This week's was about my visit to a cat cafe.


We're seeing now that jellyfish born in space are having an awful time back on Earth. It doesn't bode well for babies born in space.

Henry Selick is working on a live action fairy tale movie!

Awesome food art one mom makes for her daughters. I love this~