Friday Things: 10/12 - Disney covers, pumpkin carving, and the real questions we should be asking about YA lit

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[Oh yes, I do realize that it is indeed, once again, Saturday when I'm posting this link dump. I'm thinking maybe I should just keep it to Saturdays, but I don't want to change the name of this column! Conundrums.]

On Disney:

Doing some pumpkin carving this year? Here are some stencils of the Hitchhiking Ghosts as well as Mickey Mouse to make it easier for ya.

Nick Pitera covers This is Halloween. Fun video~

Evynne Hollens sings Part of Your World.

Disney has been named the most socially responsible company!



The latest upload by The Piano Guys has them performing at the Great Wall of China. Yes, they're actually, really there. Incredible~

Another Celebrity Mean Tweets segment. I love these - it highlights the fact that celebrities are real people who may or may not be affected by the awful things people say at them.

These talented fellows played Mozart's Turkish March on bowls and plates and cups and wooden spoons. It's pretty awesome.

Nerdy Nummies shows you how to make Deadpool cupcakes. They look adorable~

ASAP Science explores whether we could survive the sun's death.

 Don't believe everything you read on the internet, kiddos. Not even the stuff that's labeled as a "lifehack."

Shameless Self-Promotion:

Reminder that Les Literables is a thing you can Like on Facebook! It's a community for daily book news, discussions, and stories.

I reviewed a new travel-themed graphic novel titled Hello Kitty: Here We Go! for Japanator this week. It's fun and funny; give it a shot!


Someone with a lot of talent and patience gets newspapers and turns them into art - they look like embroidered lace.

Boom! and Fox have made this deal involving comics and movies and stuff.

Kelly Jensen gets it. I'm tired of this whole business about adults reading YA, and if it means they miss youth, or adults "confessing" they read YA books, and bla bla bla. Kelly offers some suggestions for people to write about the topic that don't involve confession posts or tired gender arguments.

[See ya next week! I might be on time or extra late, depending on things, because I plan on going to Tokyo DisneySea next Saturday. Yay!]