Friday Things: 10/05 - updates, flying with ebooks, and Disney villainy

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Japanator, one of the sites I'm a contributor of, has recently gone through some huge changes (mostly administrative ones, as well as seen the return of some old hats). If you're into Japanese media (anime, movies, manga, music, games) or just like reading updates on the latest fashion or food trends in Japan, do check them out for regular news, reviews, and editorials. I tend to write about books/pub news, travel in Japan, and food on there, myself.

On with the links!

On Books:

Just as I sign up for Oyster, another ebook subscription service starts making the rounds on the book blogs. Check out Scribd, now making headlines because HarperCollins has signed on with them.

Around the beginning of this year, I wrote an article on  Quirk Books about a few literary adaptations coming to theaters this year, and I, Frankenstein is one of the movies I listed. It's now been pushed back to 2014, and there's a trailer out! It looks pretty exciting. (via HuffPo)

Check out this Scholastic Q&A video with Kazu Kibuishi, who illustrated the new covers for the Harry Potter books.

If you're looking forward to the next Bridget Jones book, here's the latest juicy info to get you ready.

A little girl spotted some awfully sexist books in the kids' section of the book store, and they were all pulled from the shelves. Fantastic~

Going to New York Comic Con ? Check out Quirk Books while you're there!

While you're at NY for NYCC, also hop on over to The Morgan to check out the Edgar Allan Poe Exhibition.

"20 Essential Words We Got From Literature"

On Disney:

Yet another reason to love Disney - they're promoting part timers to full time hours so they can qualify for Obamacare.

There's a new book out about Roy E. Disney, and you bet your bottom I'll be reading it.

Cutest Disney Skipper ever gives a tour of the area around Jungle Cruise, which is undergoing renovations.

Live-action Cruella is the next Disney villains movie.

OMG Disney villains make-up. GIMME. ALL OF IT.

Check out an interview with Jodi Benson, voice of Ariel in Disney's The Little Mermaid, now released on Blu-ray.

On Comics:

This is a cool trailer thingy about Wonder Woman. I'd like to make a distinction here, though - it's a great project, and it's super cool-looking, but it isn't a movie nor proof that the team behind it could make an amazing WW movie. It's what a trailer might look like for a good Wonder Woman movie. One we really need, of course.

All-new She-Hulk ongoing series - yay!

Lynda Carter has a few good things to say about why Hollywood is failing at Wonder Woman movie-making.

On Games:

Cute Pokรฉmon-themed engagement ring: Trainer's Band (via Fashionably Geek)

If you're a fan of The Cave, which is now available for iOS by the way, check out this interview with Ron Gilbert on SEGA's blog.

I've played Deponia, and Chaos on Deponia, and the third and final installment is finally on the horizon. Yes, I'll be playing and reviewing it, and I'll also be writing up a guide. Because I love you.


Yelling at your kids as an alternative to spanking? It may actually be just as bad.

Hey, guess what? The FAA has decided that it's actually safe to use ereaders and other electronic devices during flight take-off and landing , as long as the communications/signals are off.

[Ok, that's it! Enjoy! Yay!]