Elementary School Lunch: 10/28 - MomoClo Monday

Food, JapanKristina Pino2 Comments

Maybe once a week during lunch, some of the students crowd into the broadcasting room and interview one of the teachers on staff at my school. Today, the teacher they interviewed divulged one of her favorite artist groups, Momoiro Clover. It was the last question in the short interview, and they closed it by playing some of their music. Needless to day, everyone felt like dancing all through lunchtime.

Today's tray featured some fried fish, a salad, chicken and veggie soup, raisin bread, and applesauce. The fish was wakasagi, which is a sort of smelt native to Japan. It was fried, accompanied by "cheese salad," which really was greens and asparagus with cheese cubes and French dressing. The soup, as I mentioned, was chicken and veggies in a light, watery broth. Our dessert, which I call applesauce, had little chunks of apple in it and was served thawing.

Overall, a solid, but light-feeling meal. As usual, I left the milk, and this time I also passed on the fish in a continued effort to consume less fried foods.

Calorie count: 666 (Eeeeeevil!)