Elementary School Lunch: 10/24 - mixed bag

Food, JapanKristina PinoComment

Woo, it's Thursday! Tomorrow is Friday! And the day after that, we may be experiencing another crazy typhoon! Wuh oh~

Today's main dish was Chanpon noodles, a Nagasaki-style dish that we've seen once before on our lunch trays. The broth had cabbage, carrots, squid, pork, and other goodies in there which we dumped noodles in. The side dish featured a veggie salad with seaweed, pickles, and sesame seeds, and some shrimp shumai.

The soup and noodles were actually really filling - I couldn't finish the whole packet, but I did eat all my veggies and such. It was another cold day, so this was a welcome meal to heat up the insides.

Calorie count: 629