Elementary School Lunch: 10/22 - burdock root

Food, JapanKristina PinoComment

Today's lunch tastes much better than it looks. I promise!

The main dish today was some salmon, burdock root salad, a soup on the side, and some rice. I'm a big fan of burdock root, and it was mixed with some konjac and carrots, and dressed in plain house-made with sesame seeds. The seeds were the perfect flavor mix-in, actually.

The soup looks weird because it has egg in it. Besides that, it's a yummy mix of some of the usual veggies and tofu. You wouldn't know there's egg in it just by taste. This soup is also borrowed from last week's missed meal, so I don't have an accurate calorie count for this lunch. The good news is today is the last adjusted tray (at least for now) so we'll be back to normal starting tomorrow, which also happens to be curry day. Yay curry!