Elementary School Lunch: 10/21 - peanuts harvest

Food, JapanKristina PinoComment

Today, our third years collected peanuts! We had a bunch of them in the staff room for teachers to take. I'm sad I missed it - I'll bet they looked adorable collecting these.

Today's main dish was a creme of mushroom stew with chicken, accompanied by salad, bread, and some iron-fortified chocolate to squeeze onto the bread.

The soup had the usual array of veggies - potatoes, carrots, onions, and greens, along with several different types of mushrooms. The salad was something totally new, though. Instead of dressing, we squeezed some mayo over the tuna, corn, edamame, soy beans, and cucumber. I'm not a fan of mayo, but it went well with the tuna.

The bread this time around was koppepan, which is really just a plain bun/roll. The chocolate was great on it, and I also used the bread to clean my soup bowl. Overall, this was a great meal.

Calorie count: 639