Elementary School Lunch: 10/10 - tiny fish

Food, JapanKristina PinoComment

Considering the kiddos are picking sweet potatoes from the school yard now, today's lunch had some pretty good timing. There's a plate full of sweet potatoes (satsumaimo), mixed up with some tiny fish and soy beans in place of our usual salad. The main dish was a bowl of curry udon, or rather, curry soup with our usual array of veggies and a portion of noodles on the side. We enjoyed dessert today as well - blueberry jelly.

The curry udon is usually great. It's mild because of the kids, but curry still has its natural kick, and it goes well with all the other stuff in there, like bits of pork, carrot, onions, etc. I don't really like the little fish, though, or really any foods that basically look back at me. Good thing the udon noodles are super filling.

Calorie count: 691