Elementary School Lunch: 10/08 - home grown sweet potatoes

Kristina Pino1 Comment

It's smelt... again! These little guys were accompanied by some plain salad with our home made dressing and loads of sesame seeds, and a veggie bowl on the side with the usual rice. The steaming hot bowl had big chunks of daikon radish, onions, carrots, pork, edamame, green beans, and more.

Calorie count:  624

I didn't have much to say about lunch today, but I'm making up for it with a bonus picture of some sweet potatoes some of my students dug up! I got to bring some home, so I'll be tasting those soon. I'll bet they're awesome.

The last time I showed you pictures of veggies from our school grounds, it was the cherry tomatoes. By the way, we're still picking them, and I ate some today. Yummy.