Elementary School Lunch: 10/07 - won ton and chocolate

Food, JapanKristina PinoComment

Today's lunch saw the return of cocoa age-pan, one of my favorites, which accompanied a bowl of won ton soup and a plate of corn salad.

The soup, like last time, had pork and veggies with loads of loose wrappers. The corn salad (misleading name - it was a regular salad with added corn) just had some French dressing, and we rounded everything off with some iron-infused yogurt. The kiddos I had lunch with today were all looking at me like I was some kind of evil genius when they noticed I'd saved half of my age-pan to enjoy together with my yogurt. They're just so programmed to finish their main meal before hitting up the dessert, that it never even occurred to them. The yogurt just had a plain milk flavor, so it went rather well with the bread.

The last time we had the won ton soup, it was with matcha (green tea) age-pan, and it went well with the meal that time. I'm happy to note that chocolate also goes rather well with this dish. And of course, I'm also happy to recall that half the kids I had lunch with looked like they'd rubbed melty chocolate bars all over their faces by dessert time because of the cocoa powder. Cute kids.

Calorie count: 623