Elementary School Lunch: 10/01 - finally in the double digits

Food, JapanKristina PinoComment

It was pretty weird to make the change into October for my title, there!

It's a new month, so I've got a new menu with delicious stuff to look forward to. Though a few of our lunches come close, this month we're going to be under the 700-calorie mark per meal again.

Today's meal featured Nanbanzuke-style squid - that means it was fried with onions and vinegar, though really it had this sweet and sour taste. It was delicious, and accompanied by some salad, a miso soup, and the usual rice. The soup today had potato, carrots, onion, thin mushrooms, tofu - the usual, though apparently we had a different kind of miso today, and it shows in its thickness. The salad was seasoned in-house, and I had seconds of it today.

Fun side note: Since none of the ladies in the staff room ever finishes her rice, we now are getting rice boxes with a reduced amount, and the men of the office are getting a little bonus. Efficiency/practicality!

Calorie count: 667