Changing Tastes: on salt

General UpdatesKristina PinoComment
During one of my many lunch time conversations with my principal, the subject of salt came up in reference to its use in Japanese food, along with salty or high-sodium seasonings/extras like soy sauce. It used to be pretty excessive in Japan, until eventually the general populace figured out that it wasn't healthy and they cut down. My principal went on to talk about how it took a while getting used to a reduced salt diet, but now he can't imagine going back to how things were.

It's kind of funny, because even though I've only been here six months, I'm already experiencing something similar. While I use salt in my own cooking at home, it's usually just for dinner, and depending on the meal I may not even use any. At school, the from-scratch salad seasoning has some soy sauce in it, but I wouldn't really have known without the nutritionist having told me the ingredients. So after spending some time consuming much less of the stuff, I find that normal salted snacks I used to enjoy without a second thought are now burn-my-mouth salty.

I guess it's a good thing? But dang, all these plantain chips aren't going to eat themselves.