Funny Search Terms: Barsoom could be true

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Sometimes, I check up on the sort of search terms that lead people to my blog. I am, of course, mostly interested in what topics, reviews, types of posts, etc. appear to be more relevant to my readers. But sometimes, I see some odd phrases that are somehow relevant to my blog (or are just plain amusing). Every now and then, whenever I've got a few of these to share, I'll do one of these posts.

By the way, I haven't altered any of these searches in any way (just put them in bold). I've just added a little commentary after each.

320 section bb - what? I don't even know.

"bag beginning" book reviews - Ah yes, "bag beginning." A most excellent book.

chomp carl hiaasen chomp jokes - Alas, I don't know any chomp jokes. I can't even think of a bad one.

barsoom could be true - Could it? Though I'm pretty sure science doesn't work that way, I'd be pretty amazed if there were, in reality, humanoids and oversized bugs on Mars.

aren't there any schools with tasty lunches? - Why yes, there are. They exist in Japan!

chomp book report by kids - I can always tell when a book is being assigned for school, because I get floods of searches that look a lot like, "let me look at your full book summary so I can just copy that for my book report." Sorry kiddos - just read the book!

disney wars my mickey - What. Disney x Star Wars x Where's My Mickey? Or something? I don't even know how those words work together.

This concludes my first installment of Funny Search Terms.