Friday Things: 09/28 - long live indie bookstores

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[Another week, another link dump! And this one's a bit longer than my average of 10 links, to make up for last week's poor showing. Enjoy!]

On Disney:

Frozen trailer!

 Disneyland Paris is getting a Ratatouille ride. Jealous~



On Books:

Sigh. Seriously? Sexist, racist professor only teaches books in his course by "serious hetersexual guys."

Win a literary trip for two to NYC from Kirkus reviews

Dear Book Nerd - a new experimental column on Book Riot in which Rita Meade dishes out advice for readers. It could be awesome.

If you can stand clicking on an article like 13 times to see the whole thing, HuffPo published "12 Movies That Are Just As Good As The Book."

Though generally one would be led to believe that independent bookstores are on their way out, they are apparently on the rise.



On Movies:

I've been wondering whether Gravity is astronaut-approved, and here's my answer.

Ever look at delicious food in Studio Ghibli movies and think, "why can't I eat that in real life?" Well, Food Riot listed a few real-life counterparts to the stuff we've seen on those films.



On Japan:

Looking to take a trip to Japan? I wrote a basic guide for planning a trip to Tokyo on Japanator. Alternatively, you can check out NatGeo's awesome 10-day Japan Rail travel guide.

Mister Donut Japan just rolled out their Hello Kitty x Halloween treats, and I sampled some of them on camera.




I can't even begin to describe how incredibly funny BatDad is, and I hope he keeps making Vines for a long time.

I could do with some Chewbacca slippers to keep my feet warm at home.

[Have a beautiful weekend!]