Friday Things: 09/21 - Ricky Martin picture book

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[Woot woot - another three-day weekend! And I've just started playing Final Fantasy XIV this week, so this gives me plenty of time to really get acquainted with that game. I'm pretty excited. Of course, since I've been... er... busy? Not being on the internet as much this week... my link dump is a little shorter than usual.]

On Books:

Of all the celebrities getting involved in the book business, particularly the picture book business, I didn't expect Ricky Martin to grace the headlines.

Check out this article on Quirk Books for ideas if you're looking to make some good use out of old books for DIY projects around the house. Turn them into decorations!

This article on BookRiot needs no introduction besides its title, "Books for Boys and Books for Girls: Problems with Gendered Reading."

On Games:

Disney Afternoon fans - there's a new game out in the App Store and Google Play called DuckTales: Scrooge's Loot. I'll probably check it out.

Pictlogica Final Fantasy has also been announced for mobile. All we have for it right now is a quick teaser, but it looks promising.




A group of Thor cosplayers stand up to sexual harassment at a con. Winnnnnnn~

(via Fashionably Geek) Superhero fleece scarves! If they're actually warm and stuff, I'd totally rock these. Especially now that I live somewhere that I'll experience winter.

[Have a great weekend!]