Friday Things: 09/14 - more Potter, science, and outrage

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[Yeah, yeah... I know it's Saturday... so as usual, I'll make it up to ya with extra links! Bonus time-wasting clickety-clicks!]

On Disney: 

Where's My Water? 2 [Free] is out! I didn't know it was coming until it appeared in the App Store. I haven't played it yet, but I'll write something up here once I've had some time with it.

I haven't played DuckTales: Remastered yet, but though it has generally garnered praise everywhere I look, Ben Kuchera at PAR Report had less than stellar, but important things to say about it.

Jack Skellington and Sally have debut at Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween Party! Though Sally looks quite lovely, that Jack costume leaves much to be desired. I've seen way better fan-made costumes.

Disney villains - sugar skull style!

On Books and Comics:

One of the most exciting bits of news I've read in a while - J.K. Rowling is screenwriting a new spinoff series taking place in the world of Harry Potter starting with stuff from Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. It isn't quite what I wrote about over at Quirk re: spinoffs, but I'll take it. Heck, it might even be better than what I had envisioned. 

In news that should surprise no one: Study shows that kiddos who read for pleasure perform "significantly" better at school.

"30 Books Every Woman Should Read by 30". I have read precisely two books out of this list, though a few others here have been on my radar.

In case you've missed it, some folks spoke up about the Harley Quinn try-out page, what the intention/context was, and some non-apologies from DC Comics

"Four Unique Ways to Show Off Your Love of Books" by Jamie Can at QuirkBooks.




"Voyager Has Left the Solar System!"

Tired of boring oval- or round-shaped watermelons? Not impressed by cube-shaped ones? Well, now someone has figured out how to make them heart-shaped




I have mixed feelings about Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: Curtain Call. It appears awesome, the new modes seem like they'll be rad, and I like the addition of songs from a wider variety of FF games, but I don't know if a whole new game is a better idea than just adding DLC to the regular version. That and, if it isn't exported, I won't be able to play it at all since I lack a Japanese 3DS. We'll know more about it next week after folks at TGS have had a chance to get hands-on with this.

Great article on Book Riot re: Hayao Miyazaki and his courageous decision to retire.

Breaking Bad spinoff taking place before the events of Walter White's story, Better Call Saul, is a thing that's happening. I haven't gotten to the point in the series to really be acquainted with this character, but spinoffs can be cool.

Chuck Wendig re: Internet and outrage.

[Have a great rest of the weekend! I've got Monday off, so there won't be a school lunch post that day. Yay, three-day weekend!]