Elementary School Lunch: 09/25 - OK with fish

Food, JapanKristina PinoComment

Oh, cool... fish again! And this time... not fried!

I'm actually pretty cool with trout these days - the first time we had it, I was like um.. well that was OK. And with each instance thereafter I've gotten more and more OK with it. Today, I think I enjoyed it! Unfortunately, the kiddo who was sitting across from me, in an amazing show of conviction to clean his tray, was not enjoying it at all, and kept saying he wish it'd been salmon instead. He was also horrified that I left 2/3rds of my rice. Apparently, there's a competition of sorts in that particular homeroom within the lunch groups when it comes to cleaning their plates.

This meal was accompanied by salad, which featured loads of sesame seeds and was seasoned in-house. The soup was one of our miso soups with the usual veggies in it, and of course, I mentioned the rice already. Speaking of rice, in case you're wondering how much is in the red box, it's 200 grams.

Calorie count: 641