Elementary School Lunch: 09/20 - tofu it's Friday

Food, JapanKristina PinoComment

Today's lunch was Chinese style, with a steaming and saucy tofu veggie bowl. Of course, it also had some pork in it. That was accompanied by a regular green salad (house seasoning) and the regular tray of rice. Nothing new or exciting today, but it's a solid meal that I love every time.

We in the staff room had a bit of a bonus today, though - the nutritionist's mother cooked some goya (see also), and brought a batch to share with us. It was actually super tasty and I had a few pieces. Mmmm healthy.

Monday we're celebrating the autumnal equinox, so there will be no school. Two three-day weekends in a row? Pinch me! So yeah, no food post on Monday, but Tuesday we'll start the week off with a bang - please look forward to it.

Calorie count: 641