Elementary School Lunch: 09/19 - bunny on the moon

Kristina PinoComment

 Today's lunch nods to Tsukimi, which is all about the autumnal moon and celebrating its moon-ness. Usually, dumplings are involved, along with anything that's round (reminiscent of the full moon) and/or seasonal. Though we didn't go nuts with dumplings or anything, our lunch was a fresh one altogether for this year's menu.

The main dish was a creamy potato soup featuring some delicious sweet potato, along with corn, sausage, edamame, carrots, and other veggies. It was pretty awesome, especially paired with the raisin bread we got on the side, and a regular green salad with mushrooms in creamy sesame dressing. I ended up getting a second serving of salad, actually.

For dessert, we had some orange jelly, which had a little edible bunny on top. It was so cute, and I didn't think I'd be able to snap a picture of it. But thanks to someone being absent, there was an extra one in the staff room after lunch and it was claimed by yours truly.

Calorie count: 674