Elementary School Lunch: 09/18 - holy (horse) mackerel

Food, JapanKristina PinoComment

The last time we saw horse mackerel on our lunch trays, it was a smaller serving and paired up with pasta and such. This time around, we had a much more substantial piece to enjoy, accompanied by a seaweed salad and soup with dumplings in it.

There was a little packet of sauce for the fried fish, and there were even more chunks of some sort of minced fish mixed in with the hijiki seaweed, konjac, and carrot. The dumpling soup also had its share of veggies, like mushrooms and onions. Altogether a solid meal, and fried fish usually makes for happy kids at my school, so that was fun. The red box is our usual serving of rice and the milk there means I took a picture of someone else's tray again.

Calorie count: 684