Elementary School Lunch: 09/13 - from Russia, with food

Food, JapanKristina PinoComment

It's Friday the 13th! Ohh, scary! Or is it lucky? Whatever - nothing really out of the ordinary happened today, except that earthquake that woke me up at 4-something in the morning. No worries there, though - I went right back to sleep afterward.

Today's main dish was beef stroganoff. It hails from Russia, but we, of course, had the Japanese version. Our plate retained the sauteed beef and mushrooms, but our kitchen added onions and parsley. They also used a different kind of cream (rather than sour cream), and served it with rice instead of pasta like I see on Google searches.

The salad had cabbage, cucumber, and asparagus in cole slaw dressing, and everything was just perfect. I thought I'd want seconds of either salad or stew, but I was actually pretty stuffed, even with leaving half the rice.

Calorie count: 661