Elementary School Lunch: 09/12 - roll bread

Food, JapanKristina PinoComment

There comes a time in the life of an English-speaking foreigner in Japan when you start to confuse Japanglish-isms with the English you grew up with. For example, today there was a bread roll on our tray as our carb, but these days it feels natural to call it roll bread (in Japanese, it's roll pan). I didn't think about it much until I sat down to write this post, and realized, well that's something that I've called a roll or bread roll my entire life, until recently.

Along with the roll bread on our cluttered trays, we had some fish chunks with daikon (white radish) salad, a veggie-filled soup, and delicious iron-fortified grape jelly for dessert. The fish here is katsuo, which is a kind of tuna. It was pan fried with ketchup, which gave it an interesting taste, especially paired with the salad, which was dressed in some veggie dressing today that had a notable lemon-y taste to it. The soup is listed on my menu simply as "potato and corn soup," and it was in a light broth, with bits of meat, onion, mushroom, and bacon boiled in.

The grape jelly had been frozen earlier in the morning, and tasted divine on this hot day. For the newcomers, I should clarify that jelly doesn't mean the same thing in Japan as in the US - it's kind of like jello, but it's made with actual fruit juice and has a thicker consistency (I think there's egg in it - don't hold me to that one, though).

Calories: 666 (ooooooo)