Elementary School Lunch: 09/10 - super shrimp

Food, JapanKristina PinoComment

The talk around the staff room today as lunch was being served? "sugoi ebi, sugoi oukii!" (basically: "dayum , that's a big shrimp, wow")

Today's main plate had some new things (for me, and for lunch this year in general) in it. The salad-looking stuff next to the huge shrimp - it prominently featured goya, which in English is bitter gourd or bitter melon. And they weren't kidding - it has a strong taste. I put up with it though, because it's actually really good for you. Goya is an anti-inflammatory, and supposedly also helps prevent disease (including some cancers).

The "salad" part had some egg and meat (bits of beef and bacon), and it was all accompanied with some Chinese soup. The soup itself had some quail eggs, carrots, tofu, and onions, among other things. The little green packet pictured above (almost tucked under the rice box) is the tonkatsu sauce for the shrimp. This tray is someone else's - I passed on the shrimp for the same reasons I skipped the smelt the other day, and of course, I don't drink the milk.

Not one of my favorite meals, but I put my big girl face on and swallowed that goya.

Calorie count: 699