Elementary School Lunch: 09/06 - beef bowl

Food, JapanKristina Pino2 Comments

I couldn't help but make this post's title uninventive, simply because one of my co-workers said these words to me earlier today: "Today we have beef bowl. It's a kind of beef bowl."

So, with the wise words of my co-worker in mind, gaze upon the glory of our beef bowl (or gyudon), which was our main dish today. We had it with rice and a salad. We also had dessert, vanilla ice cream, but whenever we have something like that which requires being, yanno, frozen... it comes later in the course of the meal to prevent having slush for dessert. So unfortunately, I don't have a picture of that.

The gyudon looks like a small portion, but this tray was actually quite filling. The bowl itself had onion and mushrooms to accompany the meat. The salad wasn't the usual leaves and cucumber with corn, and was seasoned instead of gunked in dressing. Overall light and satisfying, which worked out great for the kiddos who had an extra 20 minutes of playtime today.

Calorie count: 691