Elementary School Lunch: 09/05 - room for no more

Food, JapanKristina PinoComment

Today's lunch marks one of our most crowded trays yet, if not the most crowded. It didn't all fit! It was also the first time this year that we had an Indian-style lunch. (You can click the image to enbiggen.)

The main dish was Keema curry, which was made with minced pork meat and loads of veggies, and also included garbanzo beans. The side salad was "macaroni salad," which was basically our usual greens, carrots, and corn and such, but with some twisty pasta, and a light, tomato-based veggie dressing (you can hardly even tell there's dressing on there). Next to the salad we had some plain omelet, and our carb was a fluffy piece of Naan.

Since it was the first time we had Indian cuisine this year, there were extra kids in the broadcasting room during lunch announcements, and they talked a little bit about the food that was in front of everyone. This happens every time we're served food of a different cuisine for the first time.

In general, there's always an emphasis on food education and being clear about every element of the meal every single day. In each individual homeroom, there'll be a kid assigned to read off all the components of their meal before lunch each day to their classmates so they all know what they're about to eat, and understand why/how it's a balanced meal (mileage here varies depending on the teacher, though). It's just always a little more of a thing on these days when we aren't having Japanese food, since it becomes a bit of a cultural lesson as well.

Calorie count: 675