Comic Review: 'Powerpuff Girls' Issue #1

Comics and MangaKristina PinoComment

I used to love watching The Powerpuff Girls back in the day, so when I learned there is a new comic out of the same title, I had to give it a try. This book is written and drawn by Troy Little, who also shares lettering duties with Neil Uyetake.

In this first issue, we see the girls doing what they do best - spanking Mojo Jojo. But there's a twist to the story when Mojo decides to have (or feigns having?) an existential crisis.

All of the attitude and movement and dialogue that I remember from the show are present here, and it's a great trip. I'm able to hear the characters saying all the lines in my head, and even place some fun background music in for good measure. If there is any doubt, my assessment is, of course, overwhelmingly positive for anyone who was a fan of the original show.

I'd say it's a great book even for those who aren't familiar with the source material. It's an all-ages book, and for the older crowd, it's a fun, light read to add to the comic pile. More than anything else, the Powerpuff Girls are fun-loving little rascals who happen to have super powers and save their beloved Townsville on a regular basis. Also puns. Bad puns. The best bad puns.