Webcomic Spotlight: JL8

Comics and MangaKristina PinoComment
While I was out on vacation, a friend linked me to a lovely strip by Yale Stewart titled JL8. It's updated each week and follows the daily lives of DC Characters as young children. It's charming, and at only 140 strips so far, it wouldn't take long to catch up. I did it in one sitting.

Here's a link to the Tumblr page where you could see it directly from the artist as he updates. There's also a site where someone has, with permission, reposted the comics in way that's easy to read - the images are larger and you've got arrow buttons on the top to just click through as you go along.

More than anything, the strip is just plain fun, and what's what makes it awesome. There are loads of characters (though you've got a tight main cast), and a few little references to other things here and there - nice touches that are usually a part of traditional comics. If you like to smile and are familiar with DC Characters (if only just a little bit), this is something you should be reading. Extensive knowledge of the DC Universe and its characters and background are not necessary whatsoever.

JL8 is not owned by or affiliated with DC Comics in any way - it's a fan creation by Yale Stewart.