My Summer Break According to Food: Non-traditional

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In this installment of "My Summer Vacation According to Food," I'll be showing you the non-traditional stuff. These are foods that aren't necessarily a part of Japanese cuisine, but were enjoyed enthusiastically by me during my travels.

As before, look below for images of various things I enjoyed with brief commentary below each.

I had this slice of pizza at the Furano Cheese Factory's adjacent Pizza Factory/restaurant. Of course, the draw here is that they make the pizza to order (there was a long wait), and the cheese itself is made fresh on-site. It was definitely one of the best slices of oven-baked pizza I've ever had.

If you hit up an Indian-Nepali curry shop in Japan, this might be what ends up on the table in front of you after you order. One or two servings of curry of your choosing, a piece of Nan bigger than your head, and/or some rice, and maybe a piece of BBQ chicken. It's always worth it.

It's not easy to find an amazing burger in Japan, and I may have just discovered, with the help of a friend, the very best burger joint in Tokyo towards the tail end of my vacation. Just look at that beautiful thing, with that melty cheese, vibrant vegetables, and fried egg. 

This is a Korean dish called Bibimbap that I enjoyed at Tokyo's Shin Okubo, where their Korea Town area is located. I pretty much just walked into a random restaurant around lunch time and picked this from the menu.

I've had the dish before, at school, so I knew I'd at least like it. I loved this, though. I had no idea the "real thing" was this amazing. And what you see above isn't even all of it - the egg and other top layer things are hiding even more vegetables there.

The last image for this section is some roasted corn, enjoyed on a stick at the beach. There isn't really any reason for this image except to emphasize that I really like to eat corn. And BBQ is awesome.