My Summer Break According to Food: The Main Course

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This is going to be the last, and heaviest of my three installments of "My Summer Break According to Food," since it's all Japanese food. As with the previous two, all of the images will be accompanied by brief notes.

The foods below were enjoyed at various spots in Japan, and I snuck in some local brew while I was at it. Beer is important.

This bowl of curry was enjoyed at the 5th Station of Mt. Fuji. I ate it just a few hours before starting my evening climb up it to see the sunrise. The curry tasted good, but more than that, I just liked the presentation. I kept the flag.

This was the very first bowl of ramen that I enjoyed after arriving at Sapporo. Before going to Hokkaido, I wasn't one way or the other about ramen. But this bowl of butter corn miso ramen pretty much changed my life. 

This is what a ¥500 tray with three brews from the Sapporo Beer Factory's bar looks like. All three were great, and it made me happy that a lot of the standard house draft beers around Hokkaido were Sapporo rather than what I'm used to: cheap Suntory beer. 

This is called Genghis Khan. It's grain-fed lamb meat, grilling right in front of you at your table. You cook it yourself (after coating the grill with fat), in the style of Korean BBQ, and you've got the option to grill lots of veggies like I did. This was the first time I'd really gone for lamb meat, and I liked it! 

As a side dish to my Genghis Khan, I also enjoyed some roasted corn. Corn, as it turns out, is another of Hokkaido's specialties, so I ended up having lots while I was up there. 

Otaru Beer is a micro brew located at.. Otaru! It's a sweet little sea-side town, and this particular restaurant was Bavarian style in decor, food, and beer. I was sitting in front of the copper, so I actually watched as the owner shoveled barley and hops out of them while I was enjoying a light lunch and this glass of their beer.

If you live in NYC, you might recognize the above dish from Go Go Curry. This was my first time eating at one of their original Japan locations, though I'd eaten at their chain before. Always worth it. I stopped at one of these restaurants in Akihabara for a quick lunch on a busy Sunday.

This photo was more about the beer than the veggie stir-fry, but both were great. I actually kept the bottle since it's a local brew (Enoshima Beer) and it has a nice label. 

The last image here is another plate of curry, but this one was enjoyed at Kamakura. The reason I went for it was because of the summer vegetables. It makes me almost sad that restaurants are starting to take them off their menus in preparation for the next season in foods. Eggplant, pumpkin/squashes, peppers, etc. should be enjoyed all year round!

Thanks for sticking around for my food posts! Remember to check back every school day to check out what I'm having at the Japanese elementary school I teach at. There's something different each time.