My Summer Break According to Food: Just Desserts

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[Since I don't want to make just one super long and image-heavy post, I'm breaking up my vacation food pictures into two or three. Enjoy!]

For my first installment of "My Summer Break According to Food," I'm going to focus on the sweet stuff. Here's a look at what I enjoyed, with brief notes underneath each image.

This beautiful thing is a banana caramel parfait. I enjoyed it at Sapporo, and those beige chunks you see laying on top of the whipped cream were pure, chewy caramel. 

This soft serve vanilla was enjoyed at the Ishiya Chocolate Factory in Sapporo. I actually ate a lot of dairy products while up there because it's a specialty. The biggest chunk of Japan's dairy produce comes from Hokkaido.

This is milk-flavored ice cream that I made by hand at the Furano Cheese Factory. They had a pizza and an ice cream factory attached to it, and offered several classes/workshops on making various things, like cheese, butter, bread, and ice cream. so I made this, and put some strawberry preserves on top for good measure. I pressed that waffle plate myself, too.

This bear-shaped, anko-filled delight was also enjoyed at Furano. Anko is a sweet bean paste, and the outside was much like a pancake. You could find this sort of sweet anywhere in Japan, but I figured I'd share, anyway. I mean, it's a cute bear.

Last, but certainly not least, is this attractive soft serve swirl. One part vanilla, and one part mango-apple. It was definitely as tasty as it sounds, and on a hot day like the one I spent at Enoshima where this was taken, I needed the cool snack.