Friday Things: 08/31 - End of Summer Break, Saturday Edition

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[So, it looks like I didn't end up skipping any of my link dumps while on vacation after all! Monday I'll be back at school teaching, so this is the official "end of summer break" link dump. I know it's late, and I'm sorry, so I'll try and make it extra awesome.

Upcoming things: My next post on GeekeryDo is going to be a food round up. I've been eating loads of delicious foods while on vacation, so I'll be sharing some pictures of those things soon. Depending on the amount of pictures, it might be a two-parter. We'll see.

On the same vein (food): Since school, like I mentioned, starts up again on Monday, that means school lunches will also be a thing again, so I'll resume my daily food posts. I didn't think they would be too popular, but it turns out people are actually interested in these things, so thanks for following along!

Finally: I've started up a tumblr blog. It's a side blog, and so far I've generally been sharing art I like, or following/reblogging bookish blogs. I've also put an "ask" box there, so if you've ever got any questions for me that aren't necessarily a response to a post on here, you can now just ask me there.

Alright, that's it for updates. On to the links! If you're seeing this from the front page, click through for the rest of this post. Thanks!]

On Books:

 A little bit about designing comic covers, from the perspective of Greg Ruth, who illustrated the cover for Fables #135 (Vertigo Comics). 

Children's ebook sales went way down, but overall, ebooks account for 28.7% of book sales. Not too shabby.

Not sure how I missed this, but here's a book trailer for Jeffrey Brown's upcoming Star Wars: Jedi Academy, which is being released in September this year. Can't wait! I just got his book Vader's Little Princess and absolutely loved it.  

(via GalleyCat) Like free ebooks? Check out this list of top 100 reads by 100 authors, with links to where you could download them. 

Aziz Ansari is working on a book, and Penguin Press gave him a US$3.5 million advance so he can research the subject of romance today, being single today, and how meeting/dating has changed completely, especially because of technology (smart phones, social media, etc). It's an interesting topic, and I'm looking forward to it. We've got a while to wait, though - Penguin has set an estimated September 2015 release date. 



On Photography:

"Actress Drew Barrymore has signed a deal for her photography book, Find it in Everything. This collection features pictures of 'heart-shaped objects found in everyday life.'" (via GalleyCat)

The latest Disney Dream portrait by Annie Leibovitz features Jennifer Hudson as Tiana. Here's a look Behind the Scenes




Ben Zimmer writes about the recent addition of "twerk" to the Oxford Dictionary Online.

GeeksAreSexy pointed me to two educational videos recently. The first is by Minute Physics, on the topic of "Science, Religion, and the Big Bang." The second is ASAP Science on "What if you stopped going outside?" Both are quick and absolutely worth your time.



Amélie is being adapted to stage musical! I'm pretty happy about it, but the film's director pretty much hates musicals. He apparently only agreed to it because all proceeds will go to charity, and he feels that's more important than his personal feelings on musical theater. Fair enough! The only problem I have with it is the musical won't have Parisian-style music. I'm reserving judgement until later, though.

Bob Peterson is no longer directing Pixar's The Good Dinosaur, which is slated for release in 2014. 

[That's what I've got for today. Enjoy your weekend!]