Friday Things: 08/09 - out on vacation

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Heya folks!

Since I'm doing this from my iPad, my link dump won't look as pretty as usual, but I still wanted to put it here and keep things consistent since wifi is available. I guess you can say I'm addicted to blogging. 

"Top 10 Movies You Might Not Know Were Based on Comics" over at The Nerdist:

Right now there's a big "thing" going on in Miami because the Mayor wants to shut down a bunch of libraries and fire houses. Here's an update on that:

Did you watch Man of Steel? In case you're wondering which comics you should consider diving into after that to feed your curiosity, here's a good starting point:

If I ever end up owning a house with stairs, I'd want to decorate them this way:

Batman tights! (I can't ever get enough of these)

Bookworm socks rock my world:

Peter Capaldi, the new Doctor, was apparently always a bit of a Doctor Who geek. Is this what you call "meta?"

Amy Dallen over at Geek n Sundry talks a bit about where to start if you're trying to get into comics: 

Apparently, there's a bookstore out there where the owner thought it was a great idea to separate a portion of their stock into different shelves based on author gender. I'm still struggling to understand what this accomplishes:

I'm on tumblr now! It's a new thing, and it maybe sucks, but I'm trying to have fun with it. 

Aaaaand that's what I've got! This week is pretty much, almost entirely devoted to books and comics, so at least it doesn't look tooooo messy. Haha. Have a great weekend!