Friday Things: 08/02 - Tattoos, brain flossing, and bonus Harry Potter

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[Another week gone by... 
I'm doing something really cool this weekend, by the way! More on that soon.]

On Books:

(via Bookriot) J.K. Rowling is so amazing... if you remember what happened with her latest book, you might be pleased to know she struck back at the law firm that broke her confidentiality and the settlement went entirely toward charity.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows' cover redesign! (Bonus: the spines make up a picture of Hogwarts Castle)

10 Sci-Fi Predictions That Became Science Fact. Pretty neat list, since it's all in reference to literature.

Another dumb book ban? Yep. (Bonus: Here's Maureen Johnson on the subject.)

Not one, but two links to cool bookish tattoos.

Chuck Palahniuk is writing a sequel to Fight Club!

A lot of folks got their panties all in a twist over President Obama going to an Amazon warehouse to talk about how awesome they are at creative jobs. Because apparently that would mean that Obama hates independent book stores. No. Just, no.



On Movies:

A friend pointed me to this great article which discusses women and time travel. Why can't women time travel?

John Williams will be scoring Star Wars: Episode VII. Yay!

On the subject of Star Wars, here's another delightful bit of art by Amy Mebberson. Belle x Han Solo.

Artemis Fowl is getting a movie adaptation!



On Shameless Self-Promotion:

My latest video on YouTube is about my experience at Wonder Festival Summer. It's a little long, but I touch upon all the major points of the convention and what my thoughts are overall. It was my first Japanese nerd con and I had a blast. For a look at the pictures I shot for Tomopop that day, check out their Wonder Festival coverage. I'm responsible for all of it except for Vertex, 3A, Indie, and the various Garage Kits roundups.

I've got a new feature on Japanator, which I've titled Kristina's Summer Vacation. For the duration of the month of August, I'm going to try and post up a daily picture that I've taken in Japan.

For J.K. Rowling's birthday, I wrote up a thing for Quirk Books titled: 7 Characters From the Harry Potter Universe Who Deserve More Words.




The latest mental floss video featuring John Green has been making waves the past few days. 79 Common Mispronunciations.

The problem with being a creative person in the world of video games. Though, really, this applies to many professions. If you remember a few months back, I wrote about how Charlaine Harris received awful threats over the way she ended her Sookie Stackhouse series. People can really be awful.

[Looking good.. .a little long today, huh? See ya next week!]