Comic Thoughts: 'X-Men' Vol. 4, Issue #3

Comics and MangaKristina PinoComment
Issue #3 of the new X-Men rounded off the first little arc that introduced the new series. Now, we've got a good idea of the mechanics between this all-female team (non-team, according to Storm, though!), and surprisingly, an awesomely intimate focus on Jubilee. I'm not too familiar with her in general, but I'm really loving the way she's being written (and drawn - holy cow, the art is just beautiful across the board, but I specifically love Jubilee's look), and I'm so interested in what's going to be happening with her and Shogo going forward.

One of the things I quite liked about the intro arc is that, though the main gals seem to work perfectly well together and play to each others' strengths, there's still room for a few mess-ups and some disruption between personalities. This kind of shone through in Issue #3 between Rachel and Storm, but it didn't really ruin or undo anything. I also like that the comic wasn't focused entirely on the super ladies team, but also on the students - again, great contrast and balance, and attention to the next generation of mutants under the ladies' tutelage. Basically, not ignoring the fact that these women have responsibilities and priorities and that other mutants exist that fight on the same side they do.

Though Arkea ended up being a pretty lame villain, if she's even dealt with (whether she's over with remains to be seen - that scuffle at the end wrapped up way too quickly), I liked this arc as an introduction to the series. I like that we get to meet all of the main characters and get one little jam-packed story, yet still have enough questions hanging in the end to entice us. What's going to happen next, once they've got to answer to the others regarding the parts of the school which were destroyed? What's going to happen next for Jubilee? What's up with Sublime? Are the kids going to keep playing a semi-active role in the future?

If you want some extra reading, The Mary Sue has a neato interview with X-Men's editor Jeanine Schaefer. In the interview, Jeanine mentions that since a lot of the female mutants also happen to be some of Marvel's more iconic characters, this new book would be a draw both for people who are fans already and new readers. And she is certainly right - even though I've never read an X-Men book before, knowing who these characters are were enough of a bridge to get me to pick it up while it was getting all that buzz.