Comic Thoughts: 'Hawkeye' Annual #1

Comics and MangaKristina PinoComment
For the Hawkeye Annual, David Aja takes a break to allow Javier Pulido in as the artist, and Matt Fraction changes gears to write from Kate's perspective rather than Clint's, for once. I was pretty excited for this issue because I wanted to know what it was that Kate was taking a break from Clint for, and where she was going, and all of that business.

So here, we don't really learn what the actually breaking point ends up being, but have kind of a vague idea about it. What I gathered is that she's in need of some kind of support, or guidance, or direction, and Clint is too distracted, listless, and wrapped up in his own thing to provide it for her. So she blows him off and decides to get out on her own for a while, maybe find herself, and go on some adventures. She also took Pizza Dog with her as part of her dramatic exit. We get a glimpse at her family life, which looks like it's stressful for her, and then she encounters a "striking" woman who ends up being Masque.

I found it all a bit lackluster, though. The best part of this issue was Kate's inner dialogue, even if it didn't match the main art or anything. I liked really being in her head and following through her thought processes. Kate is spunky and funny and headstrong, but throughout the rest of the issue, Pulido's art just didn't translate that. Everything looked stiff - there wasn't much movement. I liked the style choice with all the silhouettes here and there, but even that still came up short.

This is an issue that I really want to love, through and through, but I don't. I'll be looking forward to seeing what happens, of course, especially since Kate seems pretty hell-bent on doing something for herself without any help - huzzah for growing pains! But also because in the main story line, it's just another layer of drama piled up on Clint. I kind of hope that things get more fleshed out in the coming issues for Hawkeye, because I'm starting to lose focus on what the plot is. I'm crossing my fingers that recent events will give Clint some kind of direction and that he'll stick to it. At least for a little while.