Comic Review: 'X-Men' Vol. 4, Issue #4

Kristina PinoComment
Comics like the new X-Men make me happy to be reading comics again.

In this issue, there was a lot of focus on a few individual characters. Storm and Rachel talked out some of their problems, including the moral choice regarding almost killing Karina in order to eliminate Arkea, and Storm's apparent leadership of the group without anyone having decided any such thing. Meanwhile, Jubilee is having a day off with Logan, who supplies all of the best, most positive, and nurturing support he possibly could. I love how he's all for Jubilee's decision to raise a baby.

The pacing with this issue was fantastic. By switching back and forth between the two scenarios, among other things with the artwork and direction, there was some great tension that had me glued to this issue from beginning to end. I wasn't necessarily nervous about any dangers, or that things might possibly go wrong with the mission the X-Men take on to save an airplane - it's just the social tension among the group spilling out of the pages for me.

While Kitty, Psylocke, and Rogue are slinging the plane, Storm and Rachel are still working some things out, which could have gone badly for the team as a whole, of course. In that sense, there was a danger - if everyone doesn't cooperate, things could go badly (and this made everyone nervous). But what I like about this comic, and it's something that's been apparent since the first issue, is that these ladies know how to support each other and work together, regardless of whether or not they really consider themselves a solid team.

The bits with Jubilee and Logan were just heartwarming and great to read. I'm still loving the way she's being drawn, and now that we're seeing work from a different pencil artist from before (it was Olivier Copiel, now it's David Lopez) I think I love it even more. We saw work from different inkers (Cam Smith and Norman Lee) as well as Chris Peter as colorist this time, too, and it all came together nicely. Especially that last panel of Jubilee getting her picture taken. I want that panel art as a poster.