Playing with my food at Wonder Festival Summer

Food, JapanKristina Pino2 Comments

This weekend I went to a cool event called Wonder Festival near Tokyo. While I was there, the only thing I spent money on besides a bottled water was lunch. And why go for an ordinary bentou lunch when I could go for an Attack on Titan-themed bentou lunch from the Good Smile Cafe?

This disturbing face is what I ate for lunch. It's ketchup rice with some plain omelet underneath, some ham on top, and then olives for eyes and a wobbly corn thingy for a mouth. I was more amused than creeped out at this, though I should have probably been the latter. As an added bonus, I got a button with my purchase of this.... thing.

Was it tasty? Absolutely. Totally worth it, if only for this picture. I just wish I'd had the foresight to adjust that ham nose so he looks a little less askew.