Friday Things: 07/26 - Spooky manors and Princes in Oz

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[Oh hey, summer break! Yay! I actually am not leaving anywhere yet, so I'm still going to be able to deliver here for a bit. Enjoy the links!]



On Books and Writing:

In case you need some inspiration for summer reading, I've found two nice reading lists this week. The first one is from Bill Gates. The second one is from the team at Pixar behind the short The Blue Umbrella, which was placed before Monsters University in theaters.

Some great advice for writers, though you could probably change "writing" here with any other skill/craft and it'd mostly carry over into relevance.

JK Rowling goes a bit more in-depth about how she came up with various aspects of her latest crime novel, including her pen name. Interesting stuff.

Shameless Self-Promotion:

I made a video about Chanko - the soup that Sumo wrestlers eat in order to get big and strong. I'm still learning the ropes with this video-editing thing, but having fun with it so far! I'll hopefully be taking some more video soon now that it's summer festival season. On the subject of videos, if you look at my sidebar, I've added a little widget there showing the latest videos from the GeekeryDo YouTube Channel! So, you could just click there any time to see what I've uploaded recently. Alternatively, you could just subscribe and stuff. That'd be awesome. 

I reviewed Ozma of Oz (the third book in the Oz series by L Frank Baum) for Bookalicious recently! It's good stuff. 

On Games:

Neil Gaiman is making a video game along with The Odd Gentlemen titled Wayward Manor. It looks like it's going to be awesome, and you could support the game now while its release is still a bit off if you wish.

A Prince of Persia game on my iPad? Yes, I'm interested.


Awesome story I tuned into via Commander Hadfield on Twitter - a man fled his country and ended up in Australia, became successful, and then tried to pay the government back for all the assistance they gave him when he had nothing.

A 97-year old man uses MS Paint 95 to create awesome art. What?!

If you're not sensitive to Game of Thrones spoilers, there's a neat essay on Book Riot about GoT and feminism. I admittedly had a kind of knee-jerk reaction regarding this subject throughout the first season of the show, but I've warmed up to some of the female characters in much the same way.

Who are the people with the longest life expectancy on the planet?

[That's all for today. Enjoy! I'll be back with more links next week for sure, with hopefully more comics, games, and book reviews in-between now that I've got some more free time. Yay!]