Friday Things: 07/12 - Mary Poppins, pink toys, and other social issues

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[Oh, man.. it's a three-day weekend! Yay! Games! Photos! Books! Free time! Yay!]

On Books:

A 7-year old made connections between Beowulf and Lord of the Rings. Clever!

If you've ever wondered what book press releases look like, there's a funny guest post on Book Riot that about sums up the bulk of them. I get pitches like this all the time.

New Amazon comic imprint to debut featuring George R. R. Martin's Hugh Howey's, and Neal Stephenson's works. It's all-digital and the first release, GRRM's Symposium, is already up for sale.



On Movies:

I've always heard that Mary Poppins' author P.L. Travers actually didn't like what Disney did with the story when it was adapted to film, but I'm still quite excited to see the film Saving Mr. BanksHere's the trailer - looks fantastic.



By now, you've probably heard about the dumb things that Orson Scott Card said about people who don't like him and have decided to not see the upcoming movie adapting his novel Ender's Game. Whether you're up to speed or not, this is a great response to it by Chuck Wendig.

On Toys:

Rather than complaining about princess toys and too much pink for girls and not enough toys that really stimulate young girls' minds, a group is actually, you know, developing toys that fit the bill. And it isn't an anti-princess message. It's a "tailor this to girls" message that is more constructive than LEGO's awful play sets aimed for girls. Pure win.

This little girl is frankly upset that there aren't really any action figures in stores of Black Widow (The Avengers) for her to play with.

I reviewed some stuff on Tomopop recently. Yozora (Kotobukiya ver.), Yozora (short hair ver. by Wave), and Lacus Clyne (MegaHouse - SEED Project). 


One of the many reasons to love Matt Fraction (writes Hawkguy). (re: cosplaying)

Chris Hadfield may be back down on Earth, but that doesn't mean the videos from the ISS will stop coming. Karen Nyberg shows us how she washes her hair in space.

This video has a warning label on it- if you've had some domestic violence trauma, you might want to skip it. For the rest of us, though - check out this video re: violence against women featuring Keira Knightley. It's awesome. I mean, it's awful (domestic violence), but it's awesome when stars try to spread the message.

Shameless Self-Promotion: I recently migrated all my YouTube videos from my personal account to a new shiny channel branded just for GeekeryDo. I also added a new video this week, in which I sample a few different flavored Kit Kats on camera for Japanator. Check it out, click thumbs up, subscribe, all that goodness. Cheers!

[And that's it... enjoy the weekend!]