Elementary School Lunch: 07/19 - out for the summer

Food, JapanKristina PinoComment

We finally had our last lunch of the term today! Things closed up on a high note with summer vegetables curry, rice, green salad and some delicious corn. The corn itself was actually peeled by our third years, so they had a hand in preparing it for everyone. Our nutritionist was walking around with a potted corn stalk all day, presumably teaching them about corn, how it grows, and how to pick and peel it to then boil.

The curry was loaded with vegetables, like eggplant and squash, onions, carrots, peppers, and more. It was absolutely delicious, even though it wasn't the usual Japanese style in terms of thickness. Since the curry was prepared for so many people, it was a little more watery. But the nice thing is that it was completely full of those veggies, and even bits of meat, so it made no difference.

As I said yesterday, I won't be stopping with these food posts altogether, they just won't be coming every day until I'm back at the school (September). Thanks for sticking around!

Calorie count: 683