Elementary School Lunch: 07/18 - the penultimate chicken

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We're almost done! Tomorrow is our very last school lunch of the term, but that doesn't mean that food posts are going away altogether. This weekend, for example, I'm going to have Chanko for the first time. Chanko is the huge pot of soup that Sumo wrestlers eat to gain weight, and it's super high in protein! I'll be sure to take pictures and stuff. I'm also going to be posting other foods that are generally available in the summer, and foods I try/eat at Hokkaido where I'm going for my summer vacation.

Today's lunch was fried chicken, a salad on the side with Italian dressing (the non-creamy variety), some raisin kuro-pan as our carb, and fruits mixed into plain yogurt as our dessert. Everything was absolutely delicious, particularly the dessert. It had fresh fruit and chunks of fruit jell-o in there. I ended up having an extra helping of the salad today and saved the bread for another meal. Totally worth it.

Also, the image above is someone else's tray. My yogurt bowl was a little bit different - out of consideration, my co-worker who was serving that gave me one with lots more fruit and less of the actual yogurt. Yay.

Calorie count: 649