Elementary School Lunch: 07/16 - do a hand roll!

Food, JapanKristina PinoComment

To kick off the short week after the long weekend, we all enjoyed some do-it-yourself sushi, or hand rolls. Everyone got a packet of seaweed paper, a tray of sushi rice (rather than the regular kind), and a plate with fillings. Omelette, sausage, fried fish, and cucumbers were the choice savory bits, with a little packet of sauce to spice things up a little. On the side we had one of our many variations of miso soup, but this time it heavily featured eggplant. I guess they're super duper in-season right now.

For dessert, we had a (not pictured) third of an apple, which had been frozen. This was actually pretty funny, because it was too cold to eat normally. I had lunch with first graders today, and they all had a hard time eating the apples. We didn't get them in the lunch carts before the meal - instead, they came later on so they would still be nice and cold.

Calorie count: 669