Elementary School Lunch: 07/11 - eggplant attack

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Today's school lunch photograph is sponsored by my fellow local foreigner Andrew Higgins, because I forgot to take a picture of my tray and all of the elementary schools in my area are on the same lunch schedule. Lucky for me, Higgins happened to snap a picture of our tray over at his own school because he was joking around about staining his white shirt with tomato sauce. The only thing not pictured here is our ice cream, because (like the froyo the other day) it came later during the meal, and I wasn't able to whip out my camera in the middle of lunch with my second graders, hehe.

Today's main dish was spaghetti in our home-made tomato sauce with some onions, mushrooms, sausage, and tons of eggplant. The side salad was Caesar this time around, which had lettuce, cucumber, little cheese cubes, corn, and mini croutons along with the dressing. No rice or bread today because a) spaghetti is already a carb and b) we splurged on ice cream.

The ice cream was in a little cup and was a swirl/combo of vanilla ice cream and strawberry sorbet. The kids went nuts over it, and the ice cream was a welcome treat on a hot day. When I looked up the weather earlier, the temperature was recorded at 89-90 degrees Fahrenheit, but that it felt like 98 with humidity. Drinking plenty of water!

Calorie count: 628